Which Type of Flooring is the Easiest to Keep Clean?

written by: Terry Stevens

Published: January 18, 2024
Updated: January 18, 2024

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Your dream home is not just a space, it’s a celebration of you! When we decorate our dream house we wish for it to match our aesthetic. We want our homes to reflect our taste and style. From the colour of the walls to the type of flooring, every small detail enhances the beauty of our home.

Selecting the type of flooring that will be a perfect fit for our space is important. Along with the style, we also have to consider the maintenance. Choosing an easy to clean flooring will help us keep our space immaculate and sanitary without having to go through too much trouble. While keeping that in mind, here is a list of the types of flooring that are the easiest to clean.

Keep it Fresh with Linoleum Flooring

A versatile flooring option, linoleum flooring is not only classy but can also be cleaned in a cinch. All you need to do is vacuum and wipe the floor down with a damp cloth to keep it spic and span. With a little extra care, linoleum floors are effortless to clean and maintain. Usually made from natural materials such as linseed oil, cork and wood dust, and limestone particles, linoleum is stain-resistant, as well as imperishable and enduring. This sustainable flooring is fashionable and a great fit for any home or commercial space!

Tidy Up with Ceramic Tiles

Available in various colours and textures, ceramic floor tiles are an elegant option for your house. It is not only durable but also easy to clean - the best of both worlds!. Simply sweeping up the dirt and debris before mopping up with a damp cloth works wonders. Its water resistant quality makes it a great fit for bathrooms and kitchens. Heavy cleaning and mopping are only needed for deep stains that are allowed to set in the grout, otherwise ceramic tiles are easy to maintain. With its minimalistic options, it is an excellent fit for any modern home.

Keep it Clean with Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring with its classic look is a beautiful option to decorate your home with a touch of nostalgia. Not only are vinyl floors durable, but they are also insulated for warmth and ease. They emulate the aesthetic of several materials, such as hardwood, marble, and tiles. Luvanto, who specializes in Herringbone vinyl flooring, can provide a wide range of colours, designs, and sizes to perfectly suit your needs, what's more you can often ask for free samples to give you an idea how it will look in your home. The water resistant and stain-proof qualities of vinyl flooring make them easier to clean and maintain. To clean Vinyl Flooring simply sweep up the dirt or use a wet vacuum before wiping it down with a tightly wrung out mop. You can also choose from different types of vinyl flooring, like whalebone vinyl or herringbone vinyl depending on what suits your home the most. Vinyl’s sleek and elegant design makes it a great fit for any room in your house!

Keep it Shining with Polished Concrete Floors

Keep it Shining with Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors come in various colours that can brighten up any space with its reflective and shiny surface. Due to its affordability and ease of maintenance, the demand for polished concrete floors has increased significantly. It is durable and long lasting with its ability to withstand heavy foot traffic.  Polished concrete floors can be easily cleaned. However, if not cleaned properly, this flooring can lose its glow quickly. Therefore, it is essential to sweep and mop the floor on a regular basis. Applying floor sealant every few years makes it stain resistant and keeps its shine alive!

Keep it Tidy with Hardwood Flooring

The ageless ambiance of hardwood floors are unparalleled. Durable and versatile, it is a quintessential option for any home. As hardwood floors are sealed with a finish, its maintenance is effortless. Sweeping or vacuuming the floors followed by dry mopping is enough to keep the floors beaming and vibrant. Hardwood flooring, available in different shades, can add a classic touch to your home!

Keep it Tidy with Hardwood Flooring

Carpet Cleaning Made Easy

Carpets are a great choice if you are looking for comfort and ease. Despite its reputation as difficult to clean, carpets are not that hard to maintain. If you put in the effort to regularly vacuum the carpeted floor, the long-term upkeep becomes easy to handle. Carpets are available in a variety of colours, patterns, as well as fabric. Spill-proof carpets are now also a great option for your home!

Laminate Flooring: Stylish and Simple

Laminate flooring is a stylish and affordable option for any homeowner. Partially made of fibreboard, laminate floors are low maintenance and painless to clean. Sweeping up the floor before dry mopping is enough to keep the floor spotless and gleaming. It is recommended to not use water on laminate floors as it can wrap the fibreboard, therefore a dust mop is your best option. In case of scratches, you can use mineral oil to buff it out.

Easy to clean flooring - Conclusion

Keeping a clean home is not only hygienic but it can also work wonders for our mental health! To make the task of cleaning easier for us, we can choose to furnish our homes with flooring that is effortless to clean and maintain. These 7 low-maintenance yet attractive flooring options are a great fit for any home!


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