We’ve made Sparkle & Shine as quick and easy to use as possible, however sometimes a bit more detail is required.
Check here to see if you questions have been answered.

TL;DR or (FAQ’s in a nutshell)

Tips for creating a happy Sparkle & Shine experience

  • What should you expect? – Your Sparkle & Shine cleaning professional will complete the tasks on the Standard Cleaning Checklist.
  • What’s important to you? – It’s our goal to delight. Please specify any special preferences or instructions in the Notes section of the ‘Upcoming Appointments’ tab in your Sparkle & Shine account.
  • Help us help you! – Clear surfaces so we can spend less time organizing, and more time cleaning.
  • Not home? – Provide specific entry instructions to avoid lock-out fees.
  • Prefer privacy? – If you prefer that your cleaning professional does not enter or clean certain rooms in your home, please let us know in your appointment Notes, or leave a note on the door.
  • For ultimate protection and peace of mind: We recommend securing or removing any valuable or personal items prior to your appointment. Please be advised that our policy does not cover theft or missing items.
  • Need to reschedule or cancel? – Last minute cancellations and reschedules cause our cleaning professionals to lose valuable work hours. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please do so at least 24 hours in advance to avoid cancellation fees.
  • A friendly reminder: On the rare occasion your cleaning professional is running late, please allow up to 30 minutes for their arrival. You will only ever be charged for the duration that the cleaning professional was present in your home.


How do I make a booking?

All you have to do is fill out our secure booking form, selecting the time and date that you want us to clean your home. It’s as simple as that and will only take you 60 seconds. Once you have completed your booking you will receive a confirmation email instantly.

Do I have to book online?

Nope not at all. If you don’t what to book online that’s ok – we have a dedicated Customer Service Team here at Sparkle & Shine so just give them a call on 03 9015 4333 or email us at and leave your number and one of the team will call you back.

Do I need to enter my card details to book?

Yes. We need to take payment information to book your appointment, but your card will not be charged until after your cleaning has been successfully completed. Guaranteed.

Do you offer discounts for regular customers?

We sure do!
If you book a regular clean with us you can get:
– 5% discount for a monthly clean
– 10% discount for fortnightly clean
– 15% discount for a regular weekly clean

What services do you provide?

We offer three types of cleaning service.

  1. A standard clean which a lighter clean that covers all the important areas of the house, perfect if you book a regular clean with us.
  2. A deep clean which is a more thorough clean which we recommend if you house hasn’t been cleaned professionally in the last three months.
  3. We can also offer you do move in/move out cleans which includes the spot cleaning of all walls and cleaning inside all of your cupboards.

We can also offer you extra cleaning services.

Can I request a specific cleaner?

When you book a new appointment, click “Any Cleaner” and below you will see the cleaning professionals from your previous appointments. You can then view the calendar of availability for your preferred cleaning professional after clicking their name.

If you are a first time customer, we do not have a way that you can request a specific cleaning professional. Please note that due to the schedules and circumstances of our cleaning professionals, their availability may be subject to change.

Can I book for any time?

Of course! We put you into control so you will be able to view and select available appointment times from our online calendar.

Can I book someone to do a regular clean?

Yes, of course! Just select the frequency of your clean, monthly, fortnightly or even weekly, when you make your booking. To say thank you we will even offer you a discount for booking a regular service. After your first booking your future appointments will be automatically booked in so you can expect your cleaner at the same time every week, fortnight or month.

Can I make special requests?

Absolutely! We put you in control so if you have got a particular product you would like us to use in your kitchen or a precious vase you want us to avoid when dusting just include the information in your booking. We will then pass these details onto the cleaner.


What happens after I’ve made a booking?

Once you have completed your online booking you will immediately receive a confirmation email. This is there to reassure you that your booking has gone through. We will then contact our best cleaning teams to see who is available to complete your house clean. Once we have assigned a cleaner to the clean we will send you another email with their name so you know who to expect. We also send text message reminders to you before the clean, to make sure you don’t forget!

How do I know what’s been cleaned?

All of our cleaners work to a checklist that we guarantee to complete. They work through your home, ticking off the tasks as they complete them. Once they have finished all of the tasks on the checklist they leave the checklist behind for you. That way you can be confident that all of the tasks have been completed to our high Sparkle & Shine standard.

How do I change or cancel my booking?

It is simple to amend or cancel your booking, you can either login to your account or email us at and we will take care of your request. Please give us 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel your booking otherwise there is a $70 cancellation charge.

What happens if something goes wrong during my appointment?

Your satisfaction and safety is our highest priority, and we’ve set strict standards to deliver on this commitment. We do understand that accidents can happen, and in the rare and unlikely event of an incident, our Trust & Safety Team is here to support you.

For ultimate protection and peace of mind, we recommend securing or removing any valuable or personal items prior to your appointment.

What is your satisfaction guarantee policy?

We guarantee that you will be delighted by the results of your clean. If for some reason you are not just let us know within 24 hours and we promise to send a cleaner back to put it right for free. It’s as simple as that. We don’t pay our cleaners until after this time period, so there is no risk when you book a Sparkle & Shine clean.
If you are still unhappy with your clean after this let us know and we will refund your money.

The procedure for our satisfaction guarantee is as follows:

  • Contact us within 24 hours of your cleaning and provide us with details of your concerns and/or issues.
  • 48 hours grace period is given for Move-in/Move-Out cleans.
  • We will re-schedule the clean at no cost to you at a time convenient to you during the following business days. Our team will return to your home and address the areas of concern
  • After the re-cleaning, if you still have concerns regarding the clean, we will review your issues once again and if we are unable to address your concerns, we will fairly provide a credit or a refund to you.
What is a deep clean?

A deep clean is for first-time customers or customers who haven’t had their home professionally cleaned in the last three months. To see the extra things we do for deep cleans, check our Pricing page.

Will I get the same cleaning team every time if I book a regular clean?

Sure, you will get the same team every time. Unless someone is unwell or enjoying a well deserved holiday from cleaning we will keep sending the team that you are comfortable and familiar with.

Can you provide a replacement cleaner if my cleaner goes on holiday?

Yes, we will. Your cleaner will need to take a well deserved holiday from time to time and when they do we will send another reliable cleaner around to complete your clean to the usual high Sparkle & Shine standard.


What time will the cleaners arrive?

Our cleaners will always try to arrive on time for your clean however do please allow 30 minutes to take into account heavy traffic. We recommend if you need to leave your house for example by 11am that you book your clean for 10:30am to make sure the cleaners are there in plenty of time before you need to leave. We will give you a call if your cleaner is going to be late but if you have any questions or concerns please call the Customer Service Team on 03 9088 3118

How many cleaners do you send?

We typically send teams of 2, but for smaller properties we will usually send just one cleaner to get the job done.

Do your cleaners bring their own supplies?

Yes, our cleaning teams come completely prepared to make your house shine! They will bring the following:

Cleaning equipment –
 Vacuum cleaner
 Mop and bucket
 Other cleaning equipment and scrubbing brushes as needed

Cleaning products –
 Kitchen & bathroom cleaner
 Glass cleaner
 General purpose cleaner
 Toilet & floor cleaner
Products against mould & limescale

4 Cleaning cloths (one each for) –
 Other surfaces

Do I need to be home for my booking?

No you don’t need to be home whilst we clean your house. If you would like to leave the key with a neighbour or somewhere secure then we can collect it. Just add instructions when you make your booking. On your first clean with Sparkle & Shine we do like you to be home so you can show us around your property and point out any areas that you would like us to focus on but we understand that isn’t always possible.

Can I leave my keys with my cleaner?

Of course, if you book a regular clean with us we will always assign the same cleaner to the job. If you would like to leave your keys with your cleaner they will keep them secure for your next clean.


What should I do if my cleaner is late

We strive to ensure  punctual, reliable service.  On the rare occasion your cleaning professional is running late, please allow up to 30 minutes for their arrival. If your cleaning professional is running behind, please call 03 9088 3118. This 30 minute grace period is also extended to our customers, as we know you may also have unforeseeable delays from time to time.

What should I do if my cleaner doesn’t turn up

If in a rare case this occurs, please call 03 9088 3118 to speak with a support representative. We will be sure to compensate you for the inconvenience.

What if I cannot locate my items after a cleaning?

If an item was misplaced during an appointment, please call 03 9088 3118 immediately.

What should I do if something is damaged?

On the rare and unlikely event of damage during your Sparkle & Shine appointment, please call 03 9088 3118 to speak to a customer service representative and request a Claim Form. Upon our receipt of a completed the form, a member of our team will be in touch within 2-3 business days to discuss resolution. Damage must be reported within 48 hours of the appointment and a claim must be filed within 14 days. Please be advised that claims reported more than 2 calendar days from the appointment are not able to be considered.

What should I do I need to cancel?

Please call 03 9088 3118 immediately so that we can contact the cleaning professional to cancel the appointment. Please note that client cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment start time will result in a $70.00 cancellation fee.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (including American Express) and debit cards for payment.

How do I redeem a discount code or voucher?

It’s easy, all you need to do is include the code on the booking form when asked and the discount will be added to your booking instantly.

How do I pay?

For safety and convenience all payments are made electronically online. We take your credit or debit card details at the time of booking however we will only collect payment after your cleaning service has been performed. We accept all major credit cards (including American Express) and debit cards for payment.

Is cash payment possible

No, for safety and convenience all payments are cashless.

When will my card be charged?

We will never charge your card before your clean. We will only take payment after your cleaning service has been performed. Guaranteed.

Is my card payment secure?

Yes it is, our payment technology is provided by Stripe. Their SSL encrypted, PCL compliant system is completely secure and trusted by companies worldwide. You can read more about them at

Will I be charged if I cancel my booking?

If you cancel your clean within 24 hours of the scheduled time, we have to charge you a cancellation fee of $70. If you re-book a clean with us then half of the cancellation fee will be applied towards your next service.


Do you have insurance?

Oh yes! Our comprehensive insurance cover delivers total peace of mind. We have made sure that trusting us with your home is as risk free as possible. Accidents do occasionally happen but if they do we will ensure that everything is resolved as quickly as possible.

How much insurance do you have?

We have $5 million public liability insurance. We also insist that each of our cleaner teams have their own insurance too. That way you have total peace of mind that your home and belongings are protected. If you have any questions about our policy please email

Are your cleaners insured?

Of course, all of our cleaners are insured. Our comprehensive insurance cover delivers total peace of mind. We have made sure that trusting us with your home is as risk free as possible. Accidents do occasionally happen but if they do we will ensure that everything is resolved as quickly as possible.

Can I trust my cleaning professional?

Absolutely! At Sparkle & Shine we want all of our customers to have the best possible experience and we pride ourselves in partnering with the best home service professionals across the country.

To ensure this, all of our cleaning professionals have gone through a strict recruitment process, from an in-person interview to a trial clean with one of our 5-star cleaners. All of our cleaners are insured and police background-checked. Additionally, all of our professionals have paid experience in domestic home cleaning and have provided professional references.

To ensure a consistently high-quality performance, our partners are also evaluated on an ongoing basis through a multi-factor process. Be assured, you’re in good hands!

Do your cleaning professionals go through a background check?

Yes! All Sparkle & Shine cleaning professionals have been through police background-checks in order to come on board with us.