How To Cleanse Feng Shui Items And Boost Good Energy

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Published: February 1, 2024
Updated: February 1, 2024

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Has your home been feeling a little off lately? As if the place just isn't feeling as cozy as it usually does? It might be time to give your feng shui items a good clean and realign the energy in your space.

Wiping down your feng shui items helps clear away any bad vibrations that have built up over time. That way, they can keep encouraging good chi to move smoothly through your space. It's easier than you think!

Why it's important to cleanse your feng shui items

Feng shui is an old Chinese teaching that's all about the flow of energy in your home. It's not just about colours or shapes - it's more about how you arrange things and keep them clean. In feng shui, being clean is "half the work. "

If you don't clean your home regularly, things can start feeling off after a while. All that clutter and dust just sits there, collecting bad vibrations and blocking the good energy from flowing through. If it gets too heavy with stagnant energy, it can actually bring you down or even make you sick! That's why it's so important to do a deep clean every once in a while.

Some of the common techniques to cleanse your living space include:

  • Sage, incense, or sound healing are easy ways to cleanse. Waft the smoke around the item or play tuning forks near it.
  • Salt is a natural purifier. Make a saltwater solution and submerge the item for 24-48 hours. Rinse with water and let it air dry completely.
  • Moonlight is soothing and calming. Place items outside under the light of a full moon for a night to refresh their energy.
  • Reiki or energy healing can clear blockages and restore balance. If you have training, perform a short healing session on the items. If not, find a reputable practitioner in your area.
  • Vacuum cleaner, sponge, microfiber cloth or broom. Sometimes, the simplest tools are all you need to clean your home and keep your feng shui items fresh.

Keeping the energy of your space - and everything in it - clean and flowing positively impacts your mood, health, relationships, and success. Ritual cleanses on a regular basis keep everything fresh.


crystals for feng shui

Crystals are incredibly important in feng shui practices; therefore, proper cleansing when you first get them and then every once in a while after that is recommended, according to feng shui.

When first obtained, crystals should be rinsed under a steady flow of cool water for several minutes. The flowing water aids in removing any accumulated negative energy. Make sure to let them fully dry off in the air afterwards.

Periodic cleansing in a saltwater solution is also suggested. Create a solution using sea salt or Himalayan pink salt mixed with water, and soak the crystals for a few hours or overnight. Saltwater absorption supports the dissipation of negative energy. Rinse and air dry.

Crystals can be exposed to smoke from sacred herbs like sage, sweetgrass, or cedar. Gently waving the crystals over the aromatic smoke cleanses the stones.

Certain crystals may benefit from cleansing in direct sunlight or placed on a windowsill for a few hours. Exposure to bright light energizes and recharges some stone varieties, provided the material will not fade from sunlight.

Regular cleansing keeps your crystals working their best in your space. Try different methods and see what feels right for you and your beautiful stones.

Water fountain and fish tank

To ensure healthy, positive energy in your home, it’s important to routinely cleanse your feng shui items related to the element of water, such as water fountains and fish tanks.

For the saltwater method, you'll want to take around a tablespoon of sea salt or pink Himalayan salt and add it to each gallon of water that goes into your fish tank or fountain. Let it circulate for a day or two, then change out the water. The saltwater helps remove any negative energy and restore balance.

Fresh flowers work, too - drop a few white ones like orchids, lotuses, or water lilies into the water. As they float around, they're infusing it with positive energy. Swap them out after a couple of days.

Don't forget to clean the outside of the tank or fountain as well. Wipe down the glass so it's free of dust or grime. Cleansing your water items regularly is meant to keep good chi flowing throughout your place.

Feng shui wealth corner

Your feng shui money corner is located in the southeast corner of the room, and keeping it neat can attract money and prosperity. You can put things like piggy banks or vases with cash there to draw in more abundance. But even if you decorate with the best feng shui items, a dirty corner may have the opposite effect.

Your money area should match your financial situation. In other words, it needs to be clean without any dirt, dust, or old items lying around like bills. Once you spruce it up with feng shui items, wipe it down now and then with sage smoke or incense.

Be sure to wipe down surfaces like tables and windowsills, too, with a water-essential oil mix. Citrus, cinnamon, and clove oils smell fresh and uplifting.

Each month, do a deep cleaning - move furniture and sweep or vacuum underneath and behind everything. Toss or donate any unused clutter clogging up the space. A tidy, uncluttered area lets new money mojo flow in.

By purifying, refreshing, and decluttering your money corner with natural scents and items, you'll pave the way for more financial abundance.

Metal objects that are often touched

keep positive energy flowing

Iron objects like door handles need regular cleansing to keep positive energy flowing in your home. Cleaning them once a month is recommended.

To clean iron door handles and knobs, start by vacuuming away any dust or dirt buildup. After that, you mix up a solution of warm water with just a few drops of dish soap stirred in. Take a soft cloth and dampen it with some soapy water. Then, gently scrub the surface of the iron with the cloth.

Metal is one of the most important elements in feng shui, representing the principle of strength and clarity. Iron objects are often used to channel chi, or life force energy. Door handles are an important part of feng shui because they influence the flow of energy entering and leaving your home.

Keeping them clean through regular cleansing removes any negative energy buildup that can disrupt the chi. Properly maintained metal objects help maintain positive chi within your environment, bringing clarity, focus, and vitality to your living spaces.

Regular cleansing of metal feng shui items like door handles is a simple practice that can boost the positive energy within your home. The cleansing removes dirt and residue while restoring the metal's ability to attract beneficial chi and deflect negative energy.

Windchimes and feng shui bells

Wind chimes and bells are a simple yet effective feng shui cure for your home. The soothing sounds they make help attract positive chi (energy) and ward off negative energy. Regularly cleansing your wind chimes helps keep them functioning properly and maximizes their benefits.

You should cleanse your wind chimes at least once a month and after major life changes or stressful events. Letting dust and dirt build up on your wind chimes isn't doing them any favours. Cleansing them restores their “voice” so they can ring clearly again.

To clean your wind chimes, start by taking them down and placing them on a tarp or drop cloth. Then, very gently wipe away any dust or spider webs with a soft brush or cloth. Be very careful, though, chimes can break easy. Or you can stick the end of the vacuum hose in there to suck up dust from inside the tubes.

Next, rinse the wind chimes thoroughly with water. Spritz them down with a spray bottle to get all the surfaces wet. The water wash will remove any remaining dust and debris. Let the chimes air dry completely before hanging them again.

Once clean, you can further “cleanse” the chimes and bells energetically. Sounds such as ringing a singing bowl nearby or chanting “ommm” can clear and charge the chimes with positive energy. You can also place your chimes in direct sunlight for a few hours to infuse them with solar chi.

After cleansing, hang your wind chimes back up where they can be heard. The sounds of the chimes tinkling in the breeze will once again work to improve the chi of your surroundings and home, enhancing its feng shui.


Smudging with sage or palo santo is always a good way to go if you're looking to cleanse your space. Giving your crystals some time under the full moon is also a nice way for them to recharge their vibrations. But most of all, you really can't go wrong with just grabbing the old broom or vacuuming. A lot of the time, that's enough to make everything feel clean and open the door for good energy flow.


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