Spring Cleaning Checklist: Tips, Tricks and More!

written by: Terry Stevens

Published: October 10, 2019
Updated: May 15, 2023

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Spring is a time to start fresh, and this is especially true for your home.

It’s time to clean out the cobwebs and dust bunnies, scrub down walls and floors, and get rid of clutter that has been gathering all winter long.

You can do all this, though it might seem like too much work.

So instead of feeling anxious about your home’s upkeep, sweep your stress right out the window and get busy attacking it with our Spring cleaning checklist.

Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a professional Spring Cleaning service, follow these deep-cleaning tips and tricks to help you make sure that this spring clean goes off without a hitch.

1. Make a Schedule

Kick-off your spring cleaning this season by getting organised. Before you start sweeping and scrubbing, take a look around.

What areas within your home need the most attention?

When you quickly clean up at the end of a long day, what spots do you skip?

Those are the places that need a little more attention during your deep-cleaning session.

During this planning stage, it’s also important to have all of the cleaning supplies you need. That way, you don’t need to stop mid-clean to get extra reinforcements. Here are a few items to get you started:

  • New air filters
  • Boxes
  • Brooms
  • Paper towels
  • Dusting materials
  • Steam cleaner
  • Mop
  • Vaccum
  • Duster
  • Vinegar
  • Toilet cleaner
  • Leather cleaner
  • Detergent

Create a plan for each room.

For the kitchen, take a look at your appliances in addition to the floor, counters, and cabinets. For the living room, don’t forget to dust around the TV.

Don’t forget outside of your house as well. Here’s an example spring cleaning checklist for outdoor areas:

  • Clean and/or repair gutters
  • Clean light fixtures
  • Clean outdoor furniture
  • Clean sliding door tracks
  • Clean and organise the garage
  • Mow the lawn and plant fresh flowers

Creating a separate spring cleaning checklist for the different areas within your home can keep you organised. That way, you don’t have to worry about missing anything once you start getting busy.

A schedule can also help you break different rooms up. Instead of exhausting yourself, schedule in a break.

2. Start De-cluttering

Clutter can impact your stress level and make cleaning seem daunting.

Look around. Which area seems like the biggest mess? Start there!

Tackling the big-ticket items first can make the rest of your household look easier to deal with in comparison.

First things first: get organised. Clean thru closets, fold the laundry, and organise your desk. Getting rid of clutter first can give you the space you need to deep clean.

Once you start de-cluttering and organising, you’ll feel your stress wash away, too.

3. Start From the Top

Most people think to start with sweeping and vacuuming. Instead, save those for last!

Start from the ceiling and work your way down. If you vacuum first, you could have to clean dust and debris that falls from the ceiling later on. Optimise your time by vacuuming cobwebs and dust from ceilings and fans before the floors.

4. Vacuum Up

Alright, now it’s time to grab your vacuum!

Choosing the right vacuum can benefit your entire spring cleaning checklist. A high-quality HEPA vacuum will catch even the smallest dust particles. As part of your spring cleaning arsenal, a HEPA vacuum can remove dirt, dust, and other allergens within your home.

If you decide to get a new vacuum, look for one with attachments and crevice tools.

A quality vacuum can ensure you get dust from behind furniture, tight corners, and other hard-to-reach spaces.

5. Choose Cleaning Products Wisely

The wrong household cleaners could expose your family to harmful chemicals and toxins.

Keep it green! Create your own natural cleaners using baking soda, water, and white distilled vinegar. You probably already have these ingredients in your home.

This homemade solution can help you clean without chemicals.

You can also purchase a steam cleaner, which is great for bathrooms, kitchen appliances, floors, and sofa cushions.

6. To the Windows and the Walls

Dust doesn’t discriminate. It settles on other surfaces besides countertops and floors. Don’t forget to add windows and walls to your spring cleaning checklist, too.

A steam cleaner (along with a squeegee attachment) can also help clean your windows.

Start from the top of your blinds and walls and work your way down. Once you’re done inside, head outside to remove and clean your window screens.

7. Attack the Trouble Areas

The dust is in the details! Dust and dirt can collect everywhere, so you need to clean everywhere.

Don’t forget to check your:

  • Doormats
  • Blinds, vinyl shades, and/or curtains
  • Kitchen sink
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Cutting boards
  • Microwave
  • Pots and pans
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator (door shelves and bins)
  • Reusable grocery bags
  • Countertops
  • Stainless steel surfaces
  • All the junk drawers
  • Shower curtains
  • Bathroom cabinets
  • Makeup (check those expiration dates!)
  • Makeup brushes
  • Grout
  • Shower drains
  • Furniture cushions and crevices
  • Bookshelves
  • Kids’ toys (stuffed animals, plastic toys, etc.)
  • Bedding (pillows, comforters, bed skirts)
  • Mattress
  • Closet space
  • Washing machine and dryer
  • Phone
  • Purse
  • Vacuum
  • Broom
  • Patio furniture

Tackling these items can ensure a thorough, deep clean.

8. Air It Out

Many people forget to clean out their AC and Heater filters. Your filters are essential to improving the air quality within your home. Switch to fresh filters can also ensure your AC is running at optimal efficiency.

9. Avoid Allergy Attacks

The UK has some of the highest prevalence rates of allergic conditions in the world. In fact, over 20% of the population is affected by at least one allergy.

To protect family members from allergy attacks:

  • Dust
  • Check product labels
  • Wear gloves, masks, and protective clothing while you clean
  • Consider buying an air purifier

As you make your way thru your spring cleaning list, you’re bound to kick dust into the air. An air purifier can clean the air of dust, allergens, and odours to prepare everyone for allergy season.

10. Make a Change

Consider adding new pillows, towels, and bedding within your home. If your curtains are dark, make a change and switch to sheers. A few small changes can make a big difference as the spring season rolls in.

Keep It Clean: Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Say goodbye to the dust bunnies and hello to the spring sunshine! With this spring cleaning checklist, you’re on your way to a happier, healthier home.

Avoid stress and book a clean with our team today.


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