6 Germ-Busting Cleaning Tips For Your Home

February 28, 2017

Written by: Terry Stevens


6 Germ-Busting Cleaning Tips For Your Home

Calling out for an excellent cleaning service is the fast and easy way to get your home spic and span. This is because professional house cleaners have tried and tested methods of getting your home in order.

More importantly, professional cleaning services clean so that many germs in your home are eliminated.

When it comes to doing it yourself, you will do well to heed these germ-busting house cleaning tips to keep your home a healthier one.

When you do not have an opportunity to call professional house cleaning services in Melbourne or just generally like the idea of having an extra pair of hands in busting germs throughout the house, you will find that these house cleaning tips are right up your alley.

When you habituate these tips, you will enjoy your home, knowing that it is not making you and the rest of your family sick!

1. Invest in anti-bacterial cleaning supplies.

Professional cleaning services make it a point to use cleaning supplies that have anti-bacterial properties. This ensures that when they wipe down all your surfaces, they get rid of dust and dirt and kill any germs or organisms that may linger if only water was used for the job.

Since most homeowners buy their stock of cleaning supplies, ensure that what you have and also use already have anti-bacterial properties.

This can extend to the laundry detergent you use for washing linens, rugs, and other household fabrics. Many brands carry variants that have germ-killing ingredients or essences.

2. Sanitise areas or objects that are constantly touched.

6 Germ-Busting House Cleaning Tips For Your Home

House cleaning will include usual tasks like vacuuming and dusting, but certain areas will require your attention if you want to halt the spread of germs in your home.

As your cleaners do, wipe down doors, light switches, handles, and anything else in your home that your family constantly touches (like your computer mouse or the TV remote) with a germ-killing solution.

These things harbour germs as they are in direct contact with the hands of many.

3. Make it a point to air out rooms regularly.

This is especially true when family members have just recovered from an illness. Professional cleaning services may do an excellent job in sanitising the home, but there might be airborne viruses that can linger.

Airing rooms out can help nix these viruses, especially if you let in warm and breezy air. Viruses tend to linger in rooms that are stuffy or are constantly air-conditioned.

4. Regularly wash your family’s footwear.

Regularly wash your family's footwear

Regularly wash your family’s footwear, especially the soles. Make a schedule for cleaning your family’s shoes and slippers because these track dirt and germs into the house that is invisible to the naked eye.

Even if your regular house cleaning includes mopping down your floors, the germs can transfer from your foot to other home surfaces (ex. your bed or sofa) if any of your family members walk barefoot.

5. Soak your cleaning materials in hot water.

Have you ever seen house cleaners wipe down your counter with a dingy-looking cloth? Never. That’s because cleaning cloths can also harbour bacteria if they don’t clean properly or keep using past their effectiveness.

Every once in a while, gather your sponges, dish rags, and other cleaning materials and swirl them in boiling water mixed with a bit of dish soap. This will only work on items that tolerate boiling water, though.

Another house cleaning tip for cleaning items that can warp or crumble when subjected to boiling water is to sterilise them through steaming, which can eliminate a considerable amount of microbes.

If you see black spots on your cleaning raps, chuck them out. These are moulds that will make your family sick.

6. Speed or light clean daily with natural solutions.

Daily exposure to cleaning liquids with chemical-grade disinfecting qualities is not exactly good for your health.

But if you want to disinfect every day, create a natural solution that you can pour into a spray bottle and leave in strategic areas of the house for anyone to use when necessary.

You can use one part water and one part natural solution (ex., vinegar, tea tree oil, lemon, etc.) mixed well and sprayed on areas that need cleaning.

This is also recommended for households with young children who may already be involved in simple cleaning tasks but need to avoid harsh chemicals, as the natural ingredients in the cleaning solutions mentioned above are safe for them.

You can also check out this home speed-cleaning guide for more speed cleaning tips.


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