February 20

Tidying Tips for A More Liveable Home


In the face of a cluttered home, your surest bet to get everything in order is to call out for a housekeeping service. While house cleaning companies can get your home in perfect order without you having to lift a finger, there are also a few things that you can do to keep it from becoming in complete disarray. The trick is to study and apply the art of tidying – a skill that you will have mastered when you apply it on a daily basis. Here are some expert tidying tips that ought to be part of your regular routine so you come home everyday to tidier and therefore more liveable home.

Decongest your house of the non-necessities.

Let’s be clear: tidying becomes a whole lot easier when you are only putting away the things that really matter to you. This includes things that you use regularly (clothes, dishes, towels, etc.) and things that you really treasure (the antique matching candelabras your grandmother passed on to you). But when you have too much in both categories, then tidying and keeping your home neat and clean will take up more time than you are willing to give up. Go through each of your possessions and discard those that you no longer use or are no longer useful, and you will find that you have multiples that you don’t actually use.

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Make a tidying schedule.

If it is easy to set a monthly schedule and to get cleaners Melbourne to come and give your home some much-needed TLC, it is also easy to create a doable tidying schedule that works around your daily routines. The key is to identify pockets of time to do some tidying or putting away, and then making a regular routine out of that. For example, you may decide that you will wipe down all tabletops in the kitchen, living room, and dining room every night right after dinner. Or in your tidying schedule, the second thing you do after getting home on a Thursday night is to go around the house and collect your children’s toys in a catch-all bin before returning everything to their room. You may even decide to do tidying based on location, such the bathroom every Monday, the study room every Tuesday, the hallway every Wednesday, and so on. You will also find that when you do this, it will take cleaners Melbourne less time to get your home clean – shaving off precious hours of service that is an additional cost to you!

Adopt a One-Minute Clearing Rule.

A big mess is just a small mess that had accumulated over time. Before it reaches a point where you will have to get in touch with house cleaning Melbourne, get it out of the way ASAP. Think this way: if it won’t take more than a minute to get it in order, then attend to it right away. One minute of your life spent returning six books back to the bookshelf from your bedside table is a minute well spent – especially if you compare it to the ten minutes it will take your future self to finally get your bedside table in order and free of all the clutter that was on it. This is definitely the fastest way to get your home neat and clean.

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Have a place for everything.

Sometimes you will find that you are not really tidying your space but actually just moving stuff around, and this is because you have no idea where to put certain things since they end up making a home in several random places in your house. Once and for all, decide where things go and make it easy to return said objects to their respective homes and finally create an organised home. Invest in storage solutions that will house your things, and be firm when stating that only particular things can be placed inside specific containers or storage bins – otherwise, you will just be relocating your mess!

With these tidying tips you can make your home neet in the least possible time

When everyone in your family applies these tidying tips at home, you will find that it is not really that hard of a task to do. Just imagine yourself coming home to a home that’s visually appealing (no socks or slippers strewn around the floor!), with enough space for you to stretch out and relax in. The feeling of dread at having to finally face that mountain of clothes haphazardly thrown on the backrest of your office chair will become a thing of the past. At the same time, you will have developed strategic cleaning and tidying tips that you will be able to accomplish without too much effort on your part – simply because it has already become a habit for you!


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