July 30

The Kitchen Surfaces You Should Clean Everyday


It is natural for every homeowner to clean their house, especially their kitchens. The kitchen is where you prepare your food for your family. But even though we try our best to maintain the cleanliness of the whole kitchen, we may sometimes falter because of our busy schedule or more other important matters. The good news is that you don’t have to clean your whole kitchen every day. However just because you don’t need to clean the whole kitchen every day doesn’t mean there aren’t a number of spots that should be looked over regularly.
So here you go here are the kitchen surfaces you should be cleaning everyday.

Top 5 Kitchen Surfaces that YOU should clean everyday

The Kitchen or Dining Table

The dining table is where you eat. This is where you serve the food that you laboriously cooked for your family. There are three basic meals in a day where you might have to use this table. So it is recommended that you should clean after every meal for some food scraps and accidental spills on the table. Dirty table attracts harmful microorganisms, and you wouldn’t want that for your child, right?

kitchen sink cleaning

The Kitchen Sink

This is one of the dirtiest spots and a top spot for bacteria in your home. This is also where you clean your dishes, wash your vegetables, etc. Thus, proper care and concern about cleaning your kitchen sink is good. This is pretty easy to clean as there are cleaning formulas dedicated for use in sinks and also you can use hot water to disinfect it. Just pour it and scrub well.


Besides your sink, sponges are the next thing that gets in touch with your dirty dishes. Unfortunately, most people tend to forget to clean their sponge every time they wash. The sponge, when left uncleaned, allows bacteria and other microorganisms to proliferate. One of the recommended ways to remove germs is to use hot water. If there’s a reason that you can’t do it, try using a sponge rack in order to dry the sponge well. Drying will reduce the potential of the microorganisms to reproduce on the sponge’s surface.

countertops to clean everyday

Countertops and stovetops

The countertops and your stovetops are usual kitchen spots that we tend to disregard. Spills and splashes usually happens when we cook food. Those food splashes are usually collected on these areas since this is the area where you process your food. The countertops are where your usual kitchen gadgets are place, like your juicer, coffee maker, and food processor. Ensuring that you clean your counters and stovetops will light up your cooking area. Who would want to cook in a messy stovetop? No one, of course.


Surely, you have to clean your floors too. This is the area that has the most contact with footwear. And those footwear may have come from outside with all those microorganisms. Also, food spills may cause you to slip and have an accident. These reasons are more than enough to give importance in cleaning the kitchen floor.


These are the top five kitchen surfaces that you should clean everyday. Next to these are your refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, and of course, your cleaning materials. Make sure to take note of these spots so you would remember to clean them everyday for a healthier and cleaner kitchen.