8 Easy Ideas for Organising Kitchen Cabinets

written by: Terry Stevens

Published: February 6, 2019
Updated: May 15, 2023

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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, and it’s also one of the messiest. It’s hard to maintain a consistently clean space when you have so many people under one roof and everyone uses this space multiple times a day.

Even if you live alone, it’s still not the easiest part of the house to maintain.

If you want to keep your beautiful kitchen always looking sparkling and new, nothing beats hiring cleaners in Melbourne. They know what they’re doing, they have the right tools and equipment, and they use the best products out there.

But, maintaining a clean kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated! The trick is to figure out smart ways to store all of your kitchen items. This makes good organisation and cleanliness much easier to manage.

Here are 8 ideas for organising kitchen cabinets to help you figure it all out.

1. Fix What’s Going on Under the Sink

Admit it – the cabinet under the sink is probably where you have the biggest organisation issues. That’s ironic considering that most sink cabinets are where home cleaning supplies go!

Still, it’s a lot easier to keep this space clean than you might think.

You can install a big drawer on the bottom of the cabinet to better reach whatever products are behind the first row of spray bottles and other cleaners. Or, you can make everything go up instead of out. All it takes is one shelf or some over the door hangers to put on the cabinets to transform how everything is organised under the sink.

2. Find a Better Way to Organise Tupperware

If it’s not the cleaning supply cabinet you have the biggest issues with, it’s the cabinet where you keep food storage bins. Take a deep breath, take everything out, and match all the containers to their lids.

Then, brainstorm a few ideas to better organise everything.

It may be time to start stacking all the containers that match one another. You could also put small containers inside of bigger storage bins, or replace where you put the containers altogether.

If you switch to a larger cabinet, you could have enough room to put all the different sizes side by side and better see where everything is. This helps you keep it that way long-term.

3. Consider Installing Deep Cabinets

Another way to change how well your cabinets are organised is to install deep cabinets! Instead of having low cabinets that go back, install deep drawers that stack on top of one another.

Deep drawers are beautiful additions to any kitchen, and they make cleanliness much easier to maintain. You don’t have to worry about losing things in the back of the cabinet anymore because everything pulls out to be in arm’s reach.

4. Buy Shelf Organisers

If you’re not looking to do a huge kitchen redesign, get creative with how you use the cabinets you do have. It might be a good idea to buy shelf organisers for your low cabinets and high cabinets, too.

These help you make the most of the space you already have. Shelf organisers give everything in a cabinet a designated space. They keep you from having to stack a bunch of things on top of one another, which is how things get lost in the mix.

5. Change the Way You Store Spices

Speaking of things that get lost in the mix, how often are you trying to find a special spice container that you’ve somehow misplaced? This probably happens more than you’d like to admit. But, it’s not how things have to continue to be!

Take all your spices out of the cabinet they’re in right now and put them in a drawer that pulls out. This can be one of the standard drawers you have by the stove or it can be in a tall drawer.

If your kitchen is particularly small, put up shelves where you can store the spices without them having to be tucked away in a cabinet. Some shelves are made to go on the side of the fridge while others fit well on the inside door of a cabinet.

Either way, they make spice storage much easier and create more room in your cabinets for other things to be organised.

6. Hang Items You Use Every Day

Here’s an interesting thought: not everything that is currently in your cabinets has to be in a cabinet. It can be hung up instead for easier access and better cleanliness.

The best things to hang are the items you use every day.

These may include:

  • your favourite coffee mugs
  • the pan you use to make each morning’s breakfast
  • the most common cooking utensils you use
  • basic cutting knives

You can hang these up if you have a bit of open wall space in the kitchen. If your cabinets are particularly high, you may be able to place them on the splashback in between your top cabinets and your kitchen counters.

7. Create a Cooking Zone

Hanging some of your kitchen utensils may sound a bit weird, but it actually works wonders for your kitchen. It makes the space function a lot better and it encourages more cleanliness.

Your cooking zone doesn’t have to disrupt the space you have right now. Bringing this into your kitchen is as simple as setting up a magnetic holder over the stove or finally clearing the messy cabinet space you have.

8. Try Open Shelving

The final way to better organise your kitchen cabinets is to just get rid of them! Take down all the cabinet doors and create an open shelving system. This makes it impossible for you to hide your cabinet clutter and put off cleaning it.

On the contrary, open shelving prioritises cleanliness and organisations. It changes how you look for and put away all your kitchen items, and it upgrades the whole look and feel of the kitchen, too.

Organising Kitchen Cabinets Made Simple

Keep in mind that you don’t have to use all of these tips on organising kitchen cabinets to transform your space. It’s better to focus on a few ideas than to try to do an entire kitchen overhaul.

If the latter is more what you had in mind, though, use these additional tips to completely upgrade your current kitchen.


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