The 10 Best House Cleaning Hacks of All Time

December 4, 2019

Written by: Terry Stevens


When you think about house cleaning, what comes to mind? A broom? A mop? A vacuum cleaner? Chances are, though, you’re not thinking about the best way to clean your house even if you spend six hours per week cleaning.

That’s because it’s not easy to know what will work best for each type of cleaning job, and it can be hard to keep track of all the different tools and products you need. Sometimes, you even think of just hiring a cleaning company in Melbourne just to get the job done right.

But don’t worry because we’ve got your back. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best house cleaning hacks of all time in this article, so that you can use these tips and tricks to make sure your house is always sparkling clean.

So whether you’re looking for ways to get the most out of your time working through the cleaning checklist, check out these house cleaning hacks to learn how to make your home twice as clean with half the effort.

1. Repurpose Dryer Sheets

Getting your house clean doesn’t have to require spending a lot of money on expensive cleaning products. In fact, many of the items around your home that you would usually throw away can be quite useful for other cleaning tasks.

Take dryer sheets for instance. Instead of throwing them out once you unload the laundry, save them for some other tasks around the home.

They can be useful for buffing out smudges on windows or mirrors. You can also use them to wipe down scuffed baseboards.

Don’t forget that dryer sheets can also be used for freshening up scents. Keep a dryer sheet in your linen closet or t-shirt drawer. This way, they won’t get a musty smell.

2. Use Lemon in the Garbage Disposal

Lemon as The 10 Best House Cleaning Hacks of All Time

Have you noticed a nasty smell coming out of your garbage disposal?

Theoretically, garbage disposals are supposed to be self-cleaning. But, over time, sludge can build up on the sides as a result of water and food particles. As it sits there for a while, it can develop a putrid smell.

Luckily, something as simple as a lemon can help freshen up the scent. Simply cut the lemon into small wedges that won’t get caught in the blades, and feed them down the disposal.

If the smell persists, you can use some baking soda, too. After all, you should already be keeping a box in the refrigerator.

3. Use Lemon to Clean Wooden Cutting Boards, Too

Lemon isn’t just for garbage disposals. You can also use it to clean stubborn, soap-resistant stains on your wooden cutting boards.

Use some salt, and rub the spot with a lemon. This will easily remove the stain.

4. Unblocking the Air Vents

It’s easy to forget about your air vents. If you take a look at them after a few months, you might notice that dust has built up on them.

Dust on the air vents makes your air conditioning and central heat have to work harder, which can lead to higher energy bills. It also sends dust particles through your home, which can aggravate allergies.

Luckily, these vents are fairly easy to clean. First, try using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. If you have a handheld vacuum, this is also a good tool.

If the vacuum doesn’t get all the dust, wet a rag with warm water, and wrap it around a butter knife. This will make it easy to clean between the vents.

5. Cleaning the Blinds

Like air vents, blinds are another item around the house easy to forget and difficult to clean.

Do try cleaning the miniblinds individually. Instead, make a solution of warm water and vinegar. Then, put an old sock over your hand, and use the water the dampen it. Simply run the sock over the blinds, and then turn the blinds the other way and run the sock over them again.

6. Use Vinegar to Clean Your Faucets

Vinegar is actually useful for many cleaning tasks around the house.

Have you noticed buildup around the spout, base, and handles of your water faucet? These can be caused by minerals in your tap water.

Don’t waste your time scrubbing away at these with soap and water. Instead, use some vinegar to attack it. This will break down the minerals, making it easier to clean off.

7. Easily Clean Soap Scum in the Shower

Cleaning the bathroom may be one of the more unpleasant home cleaning tasks, but it has to be done. There is a way to make it easier, though.

Use a solution made of half dish detergent and half vinegar. Then, use either a dish wand, and old sponge, or even an old toothbrush. This will make it easier to attack the nooks and crannies between the tiles in your bathroom where soap scum builds up.

8. No More Smelly Couches

Baking Soda for The 10 Best House Cleaning Hacks of All Time

Upholstered furniture can be hard to clean. It’s not like you can just take the fabric off of your couch and throw it in the washing machine. Over time, odours from sweat, skin, and pets can make your couch smell musty.

Once again, baking soda can come in handy for eliminating odours. Simply sprinkle some baking soda on your furniture, and let it sit for at least twenty minutes. Then, vacuum it up, and enjoy the fresh new scent.

9. Unclog Your Sink

If your sink is draining slowly, don’t bother buying chemicals to unclog the drains. Not only are they expensive, but they can actually corrode your pipes over time.

Instead, use a combination of water, vinegar, and baking soda to get the job done.

Start by pouring a pot of boiling water down the drain. Then, pour baking soda, and a solution of equal parts hot water and vinegar.

If you’ve ever made a volcano in science class, you know what happens when you mix vinegar and baking soda. The bubbling reaction will help break up the buildup in your drain.

Finish off the process with one more boiling pot of water. If this doesn’t fully unclog the drain, you might have to try it multiple times.

10. Clean the Microwave

Do you have food splatters all over the microwave? There is an easy way to break this down.

Use a bowl of water mixed with vinegar, and add a toothpick to it to prevent boiling. Let it run in the microwave for about five minutes. Then, use a paper towel or rage to wipe down the bottom and sides of the microwave.

Putting House Cleaning Hacks to Work

With these house cleaning hacks, you’ll soon see better results from your time spent cleaning.

That said, no matter how many tips and tricks you learn, keeping up with all the cleaning is still time-consuming. If you need some extra help to get your house sparkling, book a cleaning today.


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