How to Organize Your Bathroom to Fit Your Family’s Needs

August 1, 2019

Written by: Terry Stevens


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Learning how to organize your bathroom guarantees that you can enjoy starting and ending your day there.

Colour psychology shows that some colours will influence your mood, especially if these colours are used in your bathroom or bedroom.

The bathroom is an essential room in the house, and it has to be kept organised all the time. However, with adults and children using the same small room, keeping it neat can be challenging.

A clean and neat bathroom looks welcoming, and it keeps the house looking beautiful all day. The bathroom is the most used room in a house, and organising it might seem like a daunting experience.

Sometimes, you are left with no choice but to hire domestic cleaners in Melbourne because you have other important things to do just to make sure you have a clean and well-organised bathroom for your family.

However, with the right tips, you can arrange the bathroom and make it as adorable as possible.

Here are simple tips on how to how to organise your bathroom.

Declutter First

How to Organize Your Bathroom to Fit Your Family's Needs

Before you get busy thinking of how to organise your bathroom, start by removing what you don’t need. It is common to save empty cologne bottles, lotion containers, and other used items.

With everything all over the place, getting your bathroom neat can be a little challenging since the unused items are taking up space for the things you would need.

When you do a good decluttering, you ensure there is enough space to place essential products and an extra for new products.

When you keep your counters clutter-free, it gets easy to clear the shelves for cleaning. Therefore, you will not experience dust accumulation due to clutter filling in the counter space.

Arrange Items Based on Size

If you have big items in your bathroom as hair dryers, curling irons, and brushes, put them in the same drawer or basket. This will guarantee that anytime you want to use them, they are reachable, and no one will have to re-arrange the entire bathroom.

Additionally, keeping big items in the same place guarantees that smaller items are safe and can be accessed without having to re-arrange everything or looking for them.

With your big items in one basket, everyone in the family will be able to follow in the trend. Therefore, after using the items, you are sure that they will not take on the entire space.

Use the Drawers and Cabinets efficiently.

Most people leave everything on the top of the cabinet in a bathroom. This often happens since it’s easy to access anything at the top rather than when things are inside. However, if you want to organise that space, start with taking everything out of the drawers.

Using the inside of cabinets ensures that you are likely to get an extra storage space. In other words, if you have more items to store and you don’t have enough space, the cabinet/drawer top can guarantee that extra items find a place in the bathroom.

Additionally, you can use the inside of cabinet doors as additional storage space for small items. With the additional doors, storing toothbrushes and hair clips will not be an issue any more. This will also minimise everything from being all over the place and keep everything accessible and looking neat.

Use Hooks

Keeping towels in a better place can be challenging, especially after using them, and you are not yet ready to take them to the laundry. However, when you install towel hooks, it will be easy to keep them dry, and your bathroom will look neat and presentable all day.

If you have small kids who go to the bathroom alone, then ensure your hooks are relatively lower to accommodate them too.

Have Shower Caddy for Everyone

Organising a bathroom that is used by several people can be a little confusing. Having everyone’s personal effects in one room makes it difficult to keep the place looking good.

Therefore, buying each member of your family a caddy where you put all their personal effects will minimise their hustle while in the shower. Additionally, a caddy makes them responsible for their stuff. In return, your bathroom will remain organised and neat all the time.

Add a Laundry Bin

How to Organize Your Bathroom to Fit Your Family's Needs

Laundry bin makes cleaning the bathroom comfortable. Dirty clothes and wet towels can be hectic when they are all over your place. Additionally, if you wash towels and other garments separately, a laundry bin will help you sort out everything.

Have an Antique in the Bathroom

You may have chosen a specific theme for your home, maybe a 70’s look or a gothic one. Whichever you have chosen, having an antique in the bathroom takes the traditional bath look to a whole new level. It does not have to be expensive.

But it has to match the theme you have chosen for your home. It is also a great way to ensure that the theme sticks.

If you do not have a specific theme, buy a relatively modern antique that looks elegant. This will make your home look classier.

Keep the Toilet Discreet

During bathroom remodels, people make mistakes for keeping the toilet and shower in the same room. However, if you have a family, you will soon realise that this is not as functional as you want it to be.

Your toilet should be stylish, functional and discreet. Ensure that you provide users with adequate privacy. Privacy is the entire reason why most fixtures need to be hidden away.

If your house has enough room, ensure the toilet is a room on its own,   or a wall separates the two. The door should also allow for maximum privacy.

Check for a Water Efficiency

For your bathroom to look neat and clean, it needs to have a lot of water flowing. However, this does not mean using more water. You can use a smaller shower head and find ways to reuse bathing water for things like flushing the toilet. This will keep the bathroom clean and save some water.

Learning How to Organise Your Bathroom

To have a bathroom that stands out, you need to learn how to organise your bathroom for your family’s needs. This means making investments that will last longer, remain stylish, and complement other areas of your home.

If you need more tips on how to decorate your home, visit our blog.


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