9 Eco-friendly Cleaning Tips to Green Your House Cleaning

June 28, 2017

Written by: Terry Stevens


One of the simplest ways to save the environment is by starting from your own house. You can significantly impact with a bit of change by choosing green alternatives for your daily cleaning tasks.

Start with getting rid of your toxic products and using eco-friendly cleaning products. It will change the quality of the air both outdoors and indoors. At the same time, eco-friendly cleaning supplies will improve your and your family’s health.

If you are hiring house cleaning services to clean your home, consider choosing the ones that use eco-friendly cleaning practices to ensure safety in your house.

This guide is for you if you are looking for ways to make your cleaning greener.

These eco-friendly cleaning tips will help you green your daily cleaning routine. Easy, actionable, and straightforward. Let’s get to it!

1. Switch to Green Cleaners

Before starting, you need to eliminate your toxic products and replace them with green cleaners. The following tips will help you to do that most appropriately because.

As said before, green cleaners are the first step if you want a green cleaning house.

2. Say No to Toxic Products

Nowadays, many people stockpile chemical products around their houses, beneath their sinks and in different cupboards.

The first tip to getting a toxic-free home is getting rid of them because they can be extremely dangerous for your health, and you don’t even know how toxic they can be for your kids if they breathe or touch them.

3. Be Responsible with Chemical Cleaners

Be careful when you throw them away. It would help if you disposed of them eco-friendly as well. If you want to throw them away, try to avoid putting them down the drain or in the trash because the impact on the environment can be huge if it ends up straight in nature.

Contact your community for recycling in your area because they will advise you where to get rid of toxic chemicals.

4. Get Your Green Cleaning Products

The green cleaning market is vast and full of different eco-friendly cleaning products. You won’t have any difficulties finding them if you look around and search. Don’t forget to check the packaging and ensure there are no suspicious signs like caution, danger, poison or other warning signals.

The other way to get green cleaning products is to use natural ingredients and create natural cleaners with ingredients in your kitchen. For instance, if you want a great natural detergent, you can use lemon or vinegar.

5. From Synthetic Sponges to Old Rags

The best tip for green cleaning your home is avoiding synthetic sponges and mops and use eco friendly sponges instead. Old clothing or kitchen towels used as rags are a great option to contribute to the environment.

You can’t imagine how many tons of paper towels we use daily. It affects trees and the planet. This is a fantastic tip to avoid that. We all have old or damaged clothes we don’t use anymore.

6. Save Water

Water is a precious resource because only a tiny amount of water is drinkable. That’s why you need to minimise the wastage of water if you want to preserve the environment.

There are many ways to do it, and the bathroom is the first place to start. How do I save water? Name a few. Shorter showers, fewer baths, turning off the water whilst brushing teeth, water-saving toilet flush etc.

7. Indoor Air Pollution

If you want to control indoor air pollution, planting plants is the best way to do it. They reduce air pollution while improving air quality, and it’s excellent for indoor décor!

8. Clean Regularly

Being a regular cleaner is the best way to avoid strong chemical cleaners and a massive amount of water. You won’t need them if you regularly clean at least once a week.   Cleaning more often means every session of cleaning is shorter and less intense. An excellent start for an eco-friendly cleaning house!

9. Tap Water

Try to figure out what kind of water is in your taps because it can use different types of water. It would help if you made the difference because it will depend on the detergent usage.

For instance, hard water requires stronger detergent. If you don’t know the type of water, you’ll need a greater amount if you use a lighter product with hard water. Suppose you want to avoid that. Try to use the best cleaning product with the best type of water.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips to Get You Green

If you want to become tomorrow’s great cleaner, start using these different green tips.

With these eco-friendly cleaning tips, your home will be fresh and green. If you use them efficiently, you won’t need to buy toxic ones anymore. It’s your turn now to be green.


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