Complete Guide to a Total Closet Makeover

written by: Terry Stevens

Published: September 13, 2018
Updated: May 15, 2023

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As 70% of people struggle to find time to clean their homes, it’s a comment on how busy we are and perhaps slightly where our values are.

If we don’t take the time to clear up clutter and clean our homes, we risk letting our own messes stress us out.

A simple closet makeover could give us everything we’re looking for.

However, if you work in a demanding field, it’s hard to find time to do the things you want and need to do, and that includes organising your closet.

And if you’ve tried to organize your closet and can’t seem to get it right, then it’s time to ask for help from housekeepers in Melbourne to take the next step toward your dream closet makeover.

But if you don’t want to hire anybody, you can also follow these 5 steps for a total closet makeover.

Instead of living in a mess, start making a change to achieve that aesthetic closet.

1. Empty It Out

The first step in giving your closet a makeover is to empty everything out. This might not be as easy as it sounds. Once you start emptying your closet out, you might get distracted by the kinds of things you forgot you were hiding in there.

Start by sorting out your things and organising them once they’re in the rest of your space.

Your closet needs to be completely empty before you start doing anything. Just like a painter needs a blank canvas before they can start working, it’s important to know just how much space you have before you begin. An empty closet will allow you to make the most of your space once your makeover begins.

Get your cleaning supplies in order and go to town. Sweep it out, mop it, and look for any issues that could impact the things you store in there. There could be cracks in the wall where insects could get in that you need to patch up before you get to work.

Make sure that the entire closet or closets, if you’re doing them all at once, are spotless before you begin your work.

2. Make It Pop

Here is where you start customising your closet to ensure that it has everything that you need. Your closet should be more than just an area where you cram all of your extra stuff. It can be a part of your daily routine and where you go for a moment of relaxation before hitting the town.

It’s likely that your closet could benefit from a new coat of paint. Even if it’s just an eggshell coat over another eggshell coat, a fresh layer of paint will allow the light to bounce around the space and make it brighter. You’ll think about your clothes or items in a whole new way when your closet looks good.

If you really want to jazz it up, look into wallpaper options or even mirrors. A mirror hidden on the inside of your closet door will give you the option for that last look at your outfit before you head out without taking up space. Not everyone wants a distracting mirror taking up space on their wall when it could be tucked away on a door.

Think about how you could add lighting fixtures to brighten up the space. With a few small fixtures, you could make it easier to see and to brighten up your mornings. If your closet is one of your first stops in your morning routine, a bulb to match natural sunlight could be just the thing you need to get started.

3. Toss Out Old Stuff

Now it’s time to start sorting through everything you have. You can start grouping things together. Perhaps you found something that belongs to a set of items that was stored in another closet and now you have the chance to reunite it.

Make a pile of things to donate and a pile of things you don’t need anymore. If you’re holding on to tax returns from 10 years ago, it might be time to let them go. If you have schoolwork from undergrad you forgot you had, let it go.

Donating can be tax deductible so make a note of the value of the things you’re getting rid of. You could end up funding your entire closet makeover with just the things that you donate.

Getting rid of old things can be both cathartic and relaxing. Your home will look brand new when you come back to it clean and free of clutter.

4. Mock Organise, Then Shop

Now is the time to figure out how you want everything to be organised inside of your closet. It’s likely that you don’t have everything you need when it comes to storage tools and shelving so start laying out items the way you want. Make yourself a shopping list so you know what you need from the store.

Group like items together and keep things seeming intuitive to you. There’s probably an order that you get ready in the morning and some items you need every day. They should be closer at hand than the items you don’t need quite as often.

5. Keep A Neat System

Consider some clever alternatives to ensure that you keep things tidy in your space. Rather than trying to fold and group every pair of socks and each pair of underwear in the same dresser drawer, how about hanging baskets for each?

You won’t feel as guilty for not being neat with them and you’ll be able to have them close at hand when you need them.

Instead of having stacks of paper around, get some stackable file folders to hold all of your extra papers. You might have some warranties, financial forms, or home related paperwork to keep an eye on. Keep it by your side but out of sight.

A Closet Makeover Makes Your Home Brand New

Whether you’re living in a huge space or an economical one, you need to ensure that your space is used wisely. When you have a cluttered closet, it’s likely you’re wasting valuable space. A closet makeover can make things tidy and use your space more wisely.

If you’re looking for more ways to spruce up your space, check out our guide for improving your master bedroom.


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