6 Shows You Must Watch for Home Cleaning Motivation

January 18, 2024

Written by: Terry Stevens

If you're tired of the old scrub and sweep, this is the article for you. Sometimes, you might daydream about dust bunnies instead of tackling your chores head-on. Well, we have compiled a binge-worthy list of 6 must-watch shows. These will turn your cleaning into a fun, inspiring and glamorous activity.

Through this article, we delve into a world where cleaning becomes an enjoyable activity. The shows we discuss don't cover mere cleaning. They're also about transforming spaces, rejuvenating spirits, and sparking joy. From decluttering disasters to makeover miracles, these shows will provide you with motivation, tips, and tricks.

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1. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition isn’t just a show. It is also the source of inspiring changes that ignite the spirit of transformation. This iconic series takes the concept of home cleaning and renovation to a whole new level.

What makes this show motivating is the emphasis on teamwork. The makeover team works together seamlessly to achieve miraculous makeovers in a very short time. This underscores the idea that significant changes are possible when people come together. You can apply this lesson to your home cleaning projects by involving family or friends.

2. Hoarders

This show is an eye-opening one. It deals with the extreme end of the clutter spectrum. Through the series, you will see people who struggle with hoarding disorder. Hence, it offers an intense look at transforming extreme clutter into clarity and order.

One of the critical aspects of this cleaning inspiration show is its educational approach. The show provides insights into the psychological factors that lead to the excessive accumulation of items. Hence, it is also beneficial for people dealing with similar issues. It also helps the general audience develop empathy and awareness.

3. Get Organized with The Home Edit

Get Organized with The Home Edit

Get Organized with The Home Edit is another one on Netflix. It is visually appealing, and it dives into home organization techniques. The show combines the charm of interior design with the practicality of decluttering. Hence, it offers an inspiring look at changing living spaces into beautifully organized homes.

In a nutshell, the philosophy behind it is that everything should have its place. It should also contribute to an appealing environment. This shows that cleanliness and design can coexist together. Learn how to watch Netflix with VPN if you cannot find the show.

4. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

This is one of the best cleaning shows. The core of it is the KonMari Method. It is based on the principle of keeping only those items that “spark joy.” Marie guides participants through sorting through their belongings, category by category.

Each episode features a different household, with Kondo helping them tackle their clutter and reorganize their space. The changes are not just physical but also emotional. As people search through their items, they typically discover more profound insights about what is important to them.

5. The Minimalists: Less Is Now

The Minimalists

This show is a thought-provoking documentary on Netflix. It discusses the minimalist lifestyle and its impact on people who seek deeper meaning in life. It is not just about decluttering physical spaces. It is a deeper exploration of how minimalism can lead to a more fulfilling existence.

The documentary showcases various individuals who have adopted the lifestyle and experienced significant change. These changes highlight the tangible benefits of minimalism. Those include reduced stress, increased financial freedom, and a greater sense of purpose.

6. Hot Mess House

There is no way of denying the great powers that come with a clean and tidy house. Hence, Hot Mess House is excellent for those who want to get tidied fast. It is a relatable and inspiring series that delves into the cluttered chaos of actual homes. Then, it offers compassionate solutions and creative organizing techniques.

The series's premise is centered around the idea that many families struggle with clutter and disorganization. This makes them feel overwhelmed by their belongings. The show acknowledges this reality and approaches each project with empathy and understanding, making it relatable to a broad audience.


By wrapping our exploration of home improvement shows, it is evident that each program offers unique insights and practical tips. That ranges from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and its inspiring transformations to Hot Mess House with its empathetic approach.

These series not only guide us through physical space organizations. They also encourage emotional and psychological wellness through tidiness. Hence, they are powerful motivators for anyone looking to declutter, reorganize, or maintain a living space.


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