Revolutionizing Post-Construction Cleaning: New Techniques for Steel Frame Buildings

written by: Hayden Steere

Published: June 1, 2024
Updated: June 1, 2024

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  • Revolutionizing Post-Construction Cleaning: New Techniques for Steel Frame Buildings

Constructing a building is a monumental task, and ensuring it sparkles at the end can be just as challenging, especially with steel frame structures. Known for their durability and strength, steel frames are a staple in modern construction. However, post-construction cleaning of these frames is critical to maintain their integrity and appearance. In this article, we dive into innovative cleaning techniques that not only speed up the process but also enhance the effectiveness of cleaning, ensuring that your new building is as impressive in cleanliness as it is in stature.

Figuring Out the Problem

Even though steel frames are strong and reliable, they can get some types of dust on them during building. Things like dust, grime, welding residue, and even glue can stick to steel very strongly. Normal ways of cleaning might not work, and some of them might even hurt the frames. So, new methods are very important.

Cleaning with high-pressure water

Cleaning with high-pressure water is one of the best ways to maintain steel frames. Aussie Steel Frames advocates for this method, as a strong spray of water is used to effectively blast away dirt and other residues. This method is favoured by many professionals for a number of reasons:

  • It works well because high-pressure water can get into places that other cleaning methods might miss.
  • Non-abrasive: High-pressure water doesn't scratch or damage steel like some mechanical cleaning methods do.
  • Friendly to the environment: This method only uses water, so it doesn't put any hard chemicals into the environment.

Cleaning with Ultrasound

Ultrasonic cleaning is not a common way to clean steel frames after they have been built, but it works very well. The steel parts are put into a tank of cleaning fluid and then ultrasonic waves are used to clean them. These waves make tiny bubbles that pop, which lifts dirt and other things off the steel surface.

Ultrasonic cleaning has these pros:

  • Thoroughness: Ultrasonic waves can clean the steel frame completely because they can reach all of its parts.
  • Gentleness: This method is gentle on the steel and keeps it from getting damaged by wear and tear.
  • Versatility: It can get rid of many different kinds of dirt and grime, from dust to tougher leftovers like oils and greases.

Blasting with dry ice

Another new method that is becoming popular in the building business is dry ice blasting. For this method, small pieces of dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) are shot at the steel surfaces very quickly. Dry ice sublimates when it comes into touch with something, going from a solid to a gas right away. This gets rid of dirt and other particles.

Advantages of Blasting with Dry Ice:

  • Non-toxic: Dry ice doesn't harm people or the environment and doesn't leave any waste, so it's a safe choice for everyone.
  • Not rough: This method is gentle on steel surfaces and won't scratch or damage them in any other way.
  • Efficiency: It gets rid of contaminants quickly and doesn't need to be thrown away again.

Clean with a laser

Using laser rays to clean the frames before steel frames installation is a new and cutting edge approach to cleaning. This method works especially well for getting rid of rust, paint, and other tough stains.

Laser cleaning has these pros:

  • Precision: Because lasers can be handled very accurately, they are great for cleaning small areas.
  • Non-contact: The steel won't get damaged because it's a non-contact method.
  • How Well It Works: It works very well at getting rid of even the toughest contaminants.

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning and other old-fashioned ways are sometimes needed. To keep steel from rusting or getting damaged, it's important to use chemical cleaners that are made just for steel. It is suggested by professionals  that pesticides be recyclable and eco-friendly whenever possible.

Tips on Cleaning with Chemicals:

  • Proper Ventilation: To avoid breathing in fumes, always make sure the area has good ventilation.
  • Protective Gear: Put on the right safety gear, like gloves and masks.
  • Follow the steps: Follow the directions on the package to make sure you use it safely and correctly.

Clean with steam

If you want to get rid of grease and oil from steel frames, steam cleaning is a great option. High-temperature steam is used in this method to break down dirt and grime, making them easier to wipe away.

Why Steam Cleaning Is Good:

  • Effective on Grease: It gets rid of oily leftovers very well, even better than some other ways.
  • Sanitizing: The high temperature kills any germs or mould spores that are on the surfaces.
  • Fewer Drops of Water: Steam cleaning is better for the environment because it uses less water than high-pressure washing.

Tips for Upkeep After Cleaning

Cleaning the steel frames is only the beginning of taking care of them so that they last as long as possible and look great.

  • Regular checks: Plan regular checks to find problems like rust spots or dirt buildup early.
  • Protective Coatings: Cover the steel frames with protective coatings to keep them from rusting and getting other damage from the weather.
  • Routine Cleaning: To keep the frames clean, set up a regular cleaning plan using gentle means like damp cloths or low-pressure water.

Embracing Innovation in Building Maintenance

In conclusion, the advancement in cleaning technologies offers remarkable solutions for maintaining steel frame buildings post-construction. Techniques such as ultrasonic cleaning, dry ice blasting, laser cleaning, and steam cleaning not only deliver superior cleaning results but also ensure the longevity and safety of the structures. Adopting these cutting-edge methods allows for efficient maintenance schedules and helps keep these formidable structures in pristine condition. As the industry evolves, these innovative cleaning solutions stand out as essential practices for anyone looking to preserve the aesthetic and structural integrity of their steel frame buildings. Let's lead the way in adopting these modern methods to set new standards in construction and maintenance.


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