How to Clean Venetian Blinds: Transform Your Living Space with Clean Blinds

May 19, 2023

Written by: Florie Malapit


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How to Clean Venetian Blinds: Transform Your Living Space with Clean Blinds

Venetian blinds are popular for window treatments in homes and offices because they provide privacy, light control, and a timeless style. However, cleaning them can be daunting, mainly when dust accumulates in the corners. This article offers quick and practical instructions on how to clean Venetian blinds, including routine cleaning and deep cleaning for grime or stain buildup. And if you don't have time to do it yourself, you can also consider hiring a professional cleaning service in Melbourne to wet wipe your blinds for you.

Window treatments can significantly impact the look and feel of any space. Venetian blinds are popular due to their versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

They provide the perfect balance between privacy and light control, and their timeless style can complement any décor. However, as beautiful as they are, cleaning them can be tedious and bothersome, mainly when dirt and dust accumulate in the slats' corners.

Many people need help to keep their Venetian blinds spotless, and the lack of proper cleaning can diminish their beauty and longevity. However, with the appropriate cleaning techniques, anyone can maintain their Venetian blinds' pristine appearance for years.

In this article, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to clean Venetian blinds. Follow these guidelines, and transform your living space with clean and beautiful Venetian blinds.

How to Clean Venetian Blinds: Transform Your Living Space with Clean Blinds

What You'll Need

  • Feather duster
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Dryer sheets
  • Cleaning brush
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Bathtub
  • Towels
  • Soft brush
  • Clean warm water
  • White vinegar
  • Bowl
  • Furniture polish
  • Sponge


1. How to light-clean Venetian blinds

Cleaning Venetian blinds can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Light cleaning, done once every few days, is a quick and easy way to keep your blinds looking their best. With this simple technique, you can reduce or even eliminate the need for deep cleaning.

A. Using a feather duster, microfiber cloth, or dryer sheets

Clean your Venetian window blinds using feather duster, microfiber cloth, or dryer sheets

Start by closing your Venetian blinds so that you can see one side of all the slats. If you have a feather duster, microfiber cloth, antistatic cloth, or dryer sheets, use those to dust one side of the slats. Work from one end to the other or from the topmost slat to the bottommost slat. Then, clean the opposite side.

B. Using Venetian blinds cleaning brush or vacuum cleaner

If you have a blinds cleaning brush, start cleaning your blinds from the top while leaving the blinds open. Work your way down, wiping each slat as you go.

Alternatively, you could use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment. Reduce the suction to prevent the slats from being sucked in and damaged.

C. Using a cleaning solution

Clean your Venetian blinds using your cleaning solution of your own choice

If you notice grease or stain marks, use a cleaning solution like a window cleaner or a blinds cleaner spray that leaves the slats in an antistatic state. Ask your neighborhood hardware store for a cleaner for Venetian blinds that they recommend. Apply a small amount of any household cleaning solution and quickly dry the slats to prevent dust dispersing.

If, despite light cleaning, you are still dissatisfied with the results, it might be time for some deep cleaning.

2. How to deep-clean Venetian blinds

Regular light cleaning can help reduce the need for deep cleaning, but sometimes dust and grime build up in hard-to-reach places, and a deep clean is necessary.

A. Using a bathtub

Clean Venetian blinds using your bathtub and cleaning solution

First, take down your Venetian blinds and lay towels at the bottom and along the sides of your bathtub to prevent scratching. Fill the tub with water and add a cleaning solution designed explicitly for blinds.

Let the blinds soak for one to two hours, then use a soft brush to scrub away any grime and grease that has come loose. Rinse the shower blinds and re-dip them in clean, clear water. Finally, hang the blinds up to air dry to prevent water stains.

B. Without using a bathtub

If you don't have a bathtub or cannot fit your blinds in one, another method involves cleaning them outside.

First, place a blanket or other cloth on the surface you want to clean your blinds on to protect them from scratches and dirt accumulation. Next, place your Venetian blinds on the cleaning surface of your choice, such as a fence or your driveway, lawn, or walkway.

Use a soft brush, water, and cleaning solution to thoroughly scrub down each slat, rinsing and repeating as necessary. Once finished, let the blinds air dry before hanging them where they belong.

3. How to clean faux wood Venetian blinds

Clean your faux wood Venetian blinds using white vinegar and warm water

In general, faux wood blinds are easy to maintain, particularly with a vacuum. When cleaning, close the blinds and grip the bottom rail while vacuuming, ensuring to move to the opposite side after cleaning one side.

However, a thorough cleaning is necessary if the blinds are covered with dirt and grease. For this, white vinegar and a bowl are needed. Mix vinegar and warm water in equal parts and dip a microfiber cloth into the solution.

Starting at the top of the blinds, clean each slat by wiping both sides and their hard-to-reach corners. Please wring the cloth regularly to prevent excess moisture from damaging the blinds.

4. How to clean wooden Venetian blinds

Clean your wooden Venetian blinds using furniture polish

Cleaning high-end wooden Venetian blinds is simple due to their specialized surface that repels dirt and stains. To clean wooden blinds, start by dusting them with a fresh cloth. If you want to polish the slats, apply furniture polish onto the fabric and clean each slat thoroughly.

Avoid cleaning wood or faux blinds with water or other liquids, as they are absorbent and can cause the timber slats to warp. Furthermore, be cautious not to let any color finishes on wood and faux wood blinds come in contact with water, as it may cause the finish layer to flake off.

5. How to clean fabric Venetian blinds

Clean your fabric Venetian blinds using a vacuum cleaner or hairdryer

Use a vacuum cleaner's lowest setting to clean and dust the fabrics, whether pleated, Roman, or cellular. If you don't have a vacuum, a hairdryer can also blow away the dust stuck in the crevices and apertures.

Avoid squishing any bugs you may find in the honeycombs, as this will result in stubborn stains. If your fabric blinds are stained, use a damp microfiber cloth to clean them, being careful not to overwet the fabric with water or any other cleaning agent.

While cleaning your blinds, please take the opportunity to look over your window sills and tracks and remove any dust and cobwebs if necessary.

6. How to clean vinyl, plastic, and aluminium Venetian blinds

Clean your vinyl, plastic, and aluminum Venetian blinds using a sponge

Cleaning your vinyl, plastic, and aluminum Venetian blinds is simple. You can start by lightly dusting or cleaning them with a cloth, but a deep clean might be a better option if you have many blinds.

To deep clean, unhook the blinds and soak each set in the tub separately. Use a sponge to clean both sides of the slats, rinse them with clean water, and then lay them on several towels to absorb the excess water.

Alternatively, you can hang them outdoors on a clothesline on a sunny day, shower them with soap, and spray them with a garden hose if your tub isn't big enough. Use a gentle brush to scrape both surfaces, rinse them, and let them air dry.

Revitalize Your Home With Spotless Venetian Blinds and Start cleaning your window coverings

Revitalize Your Home With Spotless Venetian Blinds

Dirty and dusty Venetian blinds can be unsightly and negatively affect your living space's overall appearance. However, cleaning blinds can be simple and stress-free with the right tools and techniques.

Following the cleaning tips outlined in this guide, you can quickly transform your living space and make your blinds look new.

Whether you have faux wood, wooden, fabric, or vinyl blinds, there is a cleaning method that will work for you. So, grab your cleaning supplies, put on some music, and transform your living space with clean Venetian blinds!

Also, get ready to impress your guests with a clean and well-maintained living area by following our ultimate guide on cleaning and sprucing up your living room effectively.


Why do you need to clean your Venetian blinds?

Venetian blinds attract dust, dirt, and grime over time, which can affect the air quality in your home, cause allergies and respiratory problems, and make your living space look unkempt.

How often should you clean your Venetian blinds?

It's recommended to clean your Venetian blinds at least once every three months, but you may need to clean them more often if you have pets, smoke indoors, or live in a dusty area.

Can I clean my Venetian blinds with a steam cleaner?

It's not recommended to clean Venetian blinds with a steam cleaner. The heat and moisture from the steam can warp the slats and damage the mechanism that controls them. It's recommended to use safer cleaning methods, such as a microfiber cloth, a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment, or specialized Venetian blind cleaners.

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