Best Ways to Clean and Maintain a Shower Cabin

April 15, 2024

Written by: Terry Stevens


Owning a modern shower cabin offers a sleek, efficient alternative to the traditional tiled shower enclosure. The good news? Maintaining it can be much easier than dealing with old-fashioned tiling, which often involves laborious cleaning between tiles. With the right approach, keeping your shower cabin pristine can require minimal effort. Here’s how to ensure your shower cabin remains sparkling with some tried-and-tested tips.

Wipe Your Feet (or Place a Towel Down)

Walking around barefoot is comfortable but can quickly lead to dirty feet. Before stepping into the shower, consider wiping off surface grime or placing a towel on the shower floor. This simple step can prevent dirt from staining the shower base, keeping it white and gleaming. After your shower, just toss the towel in the wash—effortless and effective.

Clean Little and Often

To minimize the effort required in maintaining your shower cabin, adopt a ‘little and often’ approach. After each use, ideally, take a minute to rinse down the enclosure with the showerhead while scrubbing away any surface dirt with a brush. Following up with a microfiber cloth to wipe down the surfaces ensures that water spots and residue from body products don’t linger. If time is short, at least do a quick rinse to wash away visible deposits.

Regular cleaning of your shower cabin

Regular Cleaning Schedule

Twice a week might sound daunting, but here’s why it makes sense: Regular cleaning prevents the buildup of grime and lime scale, which can be much harder to tackle if left too long. Starting a routine will save you time and effort in the long run and contribute to the overall hygiene and lifespan of your shower. Here are detailed steps to ensure your shower cabin stays in top condition:

Start with the Shower Head

Begin by removing the shower head and soaking it in a solution of white vinegar. This should be done every other cleaning session if you're sticking to a twice-weekly schedule. A short soak while you clean the rest of the shower will help dissolve mineral deposits and ensure a good water flow.

Tackle Suds and Residue Promptly

Foam might seem to disappear on its own, but the chemicals and organic material like dead skin cells or hair often remain. To prevent this build up, rinse the shower immediately after use. A simple 50/50 mix of vinegar and water used a couple of times a week can effectively clean the enclosure. If build up becomes significant, opt for a non-abrasive commercial cleaner designed for showers.

Vinegar and Water: A Magic Cleaning Duo

This mixture isn’t just effective for the shower base and walls; it also works wonders on glass surfaces within the cabin. After cleaning, ensure all liquid is removed with a microfiber cloth to prevent streaks. For tougher jobs, commercial glass cleaners are fine as long as they’re non-abrasive.

Show Your Shower Doors Some Love

Shower doors require attention too—not just the glass, but also the handles, hinges, rollers, and seals. Clean handles with your vinegar solution to keep them shiny. While hinges and rollers might not need regular cleaning, applying a little lubricant can keep them operating smoothly. Pay special attention to the door seals, particularly at the bottom, where dirt tends to accumulate. Use a stiff brush to scrub these areas clean.

Shower Cabins

Watch Out for Mildew

Thanks to their design, modern shower cabins are less prone to mildew and mold compared to traditional enclosures. However, ensure that any seams are sealed with proper sanitary silicone to prevent moisture from seeping in. If mildew does appear, use a vinegar and water solution with an old toothbrush to scrub it away. For persistent mildew, a switch to a mild bleach solution might be necessary—just use gloves and ventilate the area well.

Pamper Your Plumbing

In hard-water areas, consider installing a water softener to protect your plumbing and prevent scale buildup. Regardless, it's a good practice to put a hair trap over the drain and periodically pour baking soda followed by vinegar down the drain to keep it clear. If you notice slow drainage, grinding up some eggshells and putting them down the drain can naturally scour it without harsh chemicals.

Embrace the Ease of Shower Cabin Maintenance

Maintaining a modern shower cabin doesn't have to be a chore. With these straightforward and effective strategies, you can keep your shower looking pristine with minimal effort. Regular maintenance not only preserves the aesthetics and functionality of your shower cabin but also enhances your overall bathroom experience. By incorporating these simple cleaning habits into your routine, you'll ensure that your shower remains a clean and inviting space. Remember, a well-maintained shower cabin not only looks great but also extends the longevity of its components, saving you time and money in the long run. So, grab your supplies, and let the sparkle of your well-kept shower reflect your home's cleanliness and your commitment to a healthy living environment.


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