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Looking for House Cleaning Garden City?

We've got you covered

The Finest House Cleaning Garden City Could Ask For

Isn’t it just a wonderful feeling walking in the front door to a beautifully clean and organised home? Your Garden City home has been organised the way you like it. Your belongings are on display and your home is outfitted with your choice of furniture. It’s nice to return to a unique and familiar space at the end of the day. But what about when it’s chaotically unclean? Dishes, spills and general mess you haven’t had time to address? Arriving home to realise you have more work to do is not a pleasant feeling. Sparkle and Shine is here to help by offering the high quality House Cleaning Garden City resident’s need.

Whether you’ve thrown a party on the weekend and need an after party cleaning service, or a regular ongoing house cleaning, we’ve got you covered. Perhaps you need a spring clean to get your house in order for the next chapter of life. Whatever it may be, you can book your house clean in less than 60 seconds and then put your mind at ease. With us, you can know the hard work is taken care of.

Operating hours

9 am – 5 pm
Monday to Friday


03 9088 3118


Garden City, 3207

How it works


Select the date and time you would like your cleaning professional to show up


An experienced, certified, fully equipped cleaning professional will show up on time at your door step


Relax knowing your payment is securely handled online and your clean comes with  a satisfaction guarantee

Happiness Guaranteed

Your Happiness Guaranteed

If you’re not satisfied with your home cleaning, neither are we!

With Sparkle and Shine if you are not completely happy with your clean then let us know and we will come back and make it right. That’s the Sparkle and Shine Happiness Guarantee

House Cleaning Garden City

Need House Cleaning Services Garden City? It couldn’t be easier!

You have better things to do than stress about the cleanliness of your home. Fortunately we have made getting the finest House Cleaning Garden City homes could need, the easiest thing you can do today. We offer simple flexible scheduling so you can arrange our cleaning services at the times most convenient for you. There are no locked in contracts to be concerned about. We use clear flat rate pricing and there are no additional hidden fees at all. With Sparkle and Shine, you know exactly what you are getting, and what you are getting nothing less than the best for your home.

Our highest priority is quality and security for your home. Our teams have all passed background and police checks so you can relax knowing that there is no compromise on total security for your home. We are experienced and insist on only using premium cleaning equipment and supplies. With Sparkle and Shine, we don’t believe in cutting corners. You’ll see and feel the difference we make!


Simple honest communication. That is what at you will get with Sparkle and Shine.
Only trustworthy staff and honest work.


Garden City is a residential area of Melbourne located in the municipality of Port Phillip 5 km south-west of the Melbourne CBD and immediately west of Port Melbourne. It was created as a planned residential development along the urban design principles of the early 20th century Garden city movement, initially by the State Bank of Victoria and subsequently developed by the Housing Commission of Victoria between 1926 and 1948.

The area had previously been undeveloped crown land known as Sandridge Flat, and was considered part of Fishermans Bend, a wasteland of swamps and sand ridges located along the lower reaches of the Yarra River.

The former City of Port Melbourne, which undertook its own social housing scheme at Montague, lobbied the State Government in 1912 to allow social housing to be constructed on reclaimed land, but the Melbourne Harbor Trust had a claim over the land for port use. The State Savings Bank took up the Council proposal and in 1926 the Metropolitan Town Planning Commission purchased 18 hectares of land south and east of Williamstown Road and Graham Street. In 1936 the HCV took over construction of houses from the State Bank acquiring a further 22 hectares to the west, ultimately creating three separate estate areas including Dunstan, Garden City and Fishermans Bend estates. The street layout was laid out on “garden city” principals, and the later HCV houses accommodated large families from deprived circumstances. The HCV built the last public tenanted houses along Beacon and Barak Roads in 1981. In recent decades the former working class social housing, built to alleviate the worst impacts of the depression, have become sought-after inner city accommodation for the middle classes, and houses typically sell for nearly $2,000,000.

There is a small shopping centre in Graham Street built as part of the State Bank stage, while there are five neighbourhood parks in the HCV area, which was not otherwise well provided for with other facilities. The Ada Mary A’Beckett kindergarten, which was built with the support of philanthropic Free Kindergarten Union (1942).

The 1979 Port Melbourne council conservation study identified Garden City as … a unique example of residential town planning, with a substantial part remaining intact. Specific guidelines have been published to manage repairs and improvements to the houses without losing their heritage value.

Garden City Victoria

Highly Rated across the web

Give us a go and see what all the fuss is about.

professional House Cleaning in Garden City

Premium House Cleaning Garden City: Booking a House Clean is just a Moment Away

Booking a house clean with Sparkle and Shine can be done online in less than 60 seconds. If you have a friend, family member or a loved one who could just use a break from the stresses of life, consider surprising them with one of our Gift Cards and return their home to a relaxing environment for them.

If you’re amidst renovations, we have a Builders Clean designed to deal with the extra mess that we know builders will leave behind. We also have an After Party Cleaning Service so you can rest the day after the party knowing that we will clear everything away for you. Or if you want that rejuvenated home cleaning, consider our Spring Cleaning Service. When booking with us, you’ll see our simple flat rate pricing makes your options perfectly clear. We use flexible scheduling so you needn’t worry about us coming to clean at a bad time, and you won’t be locked into any kind of contract. There are absolutely no hidden fees with Sparkle and Shine. Try our House Cleaning Garden City – and you’ll see the difference we can make! With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we know that you will absolutely love the feeling you get the moment you walk through your front door!