July 23

Quick Cleaning Hacks to Use When You’re in a Hurry


As wonderful as a fresh, clean house is, there’s no denying the process of reaching that point can be a lengthy one. If you ever find yourself needing to get the job done as quickly as possible, the quick cleaning hacks below will ensure that you’ll reach that “sparkly clean” stage as efficiently as possible.

#1 – Leave and return

Most cleaning products need time to work, and the longer you can leave them in place, the more efficient they will be. Try and schedule your cleaning so that all products that need to work to remove dirt are left in place for as long as possible. For example, spritz with a degreaser than switch to vacuuming the floor or wiping down the blinds; even an extra five minutes can help you wipe the grease stain up with one simple movement rather than needing to apply time-consuming elbow grease.

Quick Cleaning Hacks

#2 – Microfibre cloths and water

If you’re short on time, the last thing you need is to be sorting through your cleaning products trying to find the right one for each specific task. So, don’t: instead, use a microfibre cloth and plain water. This combination can tackle the majority of household stains and dirt, and while it’s not antibacterial, this kind of cleaning is more than sufficient for a quick once-over.

#3 – Tackle dust with a damp cloth

Dusting and polishing can be incredibly demanding on your time, so when you’re in need of a quick remedy, keep things simple. Opt for a damp cloth and use this to collect lint and dust. The cloth should be nearly-dry, so it doesn’t deposit much water on the surface and create water staining – the last thing you need is more work when time is of the essence! The water is there to help ensure the lint adheres to the cloth, rather than acting as a method of cleaning itself. While the finished effect won’t be quite as impressive as you’d achieve with deep cleaning then polishing, it will make a big difference.

Vinegar and Baking soda
#4 – Use white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda separately

Many a cleaning hack involves using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda in conjunction with one another. This is a bad idea; while powerful individually, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda actually cancel one another out. Combining these products means you’ll be cleaning with weak, ineffective water – far from ideal when you’re in a rush!

#5 – Clean from the top down

When it comes to quick cleaning hacks, learning to prioritise tasks is essential. To achieve this, there’s a simple rule to keep in mind. The first thing you clean should be the ceilings; the last thing you clean should be the floors. Moving from the top to the bottom of a room helps to ensure you’re not effectively having to lose time by cleaning the same areas twice. For example, if you clean the floor first, then it will inevitably pick up lint and dirt as you clean the surfaces. This, inevitably, means you’ll have to clean the floor on a second, time-consuming occasion. This small switch can save you a surprising amount of time and help to ensure that your cleaning is as productive as possible.

Final thoughts

When time is short, focus on the most obvious areas of your home: surfaces and floors. If these areas are clean and pristine, then smaller issues are more easily overlooked.
And if you have a bit more time on your sleeve then check out these Eco-friendly Cleaning tips to really get your home shining and healthy.

With these quick cleaning hacks above in mind, you should be able to achieve a fresh, clean home in the shortest possible time – enjoy!